The cities and regions described below can always be combined with a transfer to Paris or any other major city in France. 


Cap Gris Nez & Cap Blanc Nez

Two impressive cliffs, Cap Blanc Nez and Cap Gris Nez, are situated in the north of France along the coastline of the Côte d’Opale. The white chalk cliff Cap Blanc Nez rises 134 meters above the waves and is located near the small village of Escalles. On top of the hill, you will encounter the spectacular Dover Patrol monument and some breathtaking views of the channel. 


The nearby hills are very inviting for a picnic between the local flora and fauna and the beach below is definitely worth a visit as well. Get some fresh sea air into your lungs and, on a really clear day, you might even see the cliffs of Dover, England. 


Six kilometres south of the Cap Blanc Nez you will find Cap Gris Nez, which is the nearest point on mainland Europe to Great Britain. The remains of bunkers and craters from World War Two mark this area with its extensive history. The collection of The Atlantic Wall museum in Audinghen is dedicated to military history and holds several thousand pieces, such as weapons and uniforms, in its ten halls.


Besides the beautiful beaches and cliffs of the area, there are also several picturesque villages nearby. A great opportunity to get a taste of the local gastronomy!







The small seaside town of Le Touquet is best known for its wide beach and bustling nightlife. The enormous beach has the softest and clearest sand imaginable and is great for walking, sunbathing or just staring out into the endless sea. If you need a break from the sun, take a stroll along the beautiful Rue St. Jean with its wide selection of shops, beautiful French architecture, cafes and restaurants.  







Just across the border with Belgium, lies the exciting capital of French Flandres. Lille is nestled at the crossroads of three European capital cities and has grown into a remarkable hub for culture. There is no end to the list of activities you can do in the European Culture Capital of 2004. It is home to two Unesco world heritage sites, colourful historic and modern architecture with Flemish roots, countless little markets, a bustling student life, and much more. The charming, stone-paved streets of the old town will surprise you with the many authentic boutique stores, a delightful Lilloise cuisine and many monuments and museums. 



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