The Netherlands



Translated in English 'Zeeland' means the ‘land in the sea’ and it’s precisely what makes this region so unique. As the westernmost province of the Netherlands, it is shaped by islands and peninsulas and revered for its beautiful beaches, water activities, gastronomy and the Delta Works. It also has preserved cultural heritage in cities such as Middelburg, Vlissingen and Zierikzee. With over a hundred unique monuments, various local festivals and year-round activities, it's hard to get bored.


Apart from all the things you can do, the rich seafood culture of Zeeland offers a great variety of tasteful delights, such as the locally harvested oysters, mussels or the Oosterschelde lobster.


The famous Delta Works is a great example of how the Dutch live with water, instead of fighting it.  As the largest flood protection system in the world, it ensures that the province, which lies mostly below sea level, stays dry. The spectacular dams and bridges not only protect the people from floods but have also made room for beautiful nature and recreational areas where water sports, sunbathing, walking and cycling are part of the lifestyle on the land in the sea!






The cities and regions described below can always be combined with a transfer to Amsterdam or any other major city in the Netherlands. 




Yerseke is a charming fishing village situated on the southern shore of the Oosterschelde. Most famous for its aquaculture, the town offers lots of opportunities for an unforgettable experience of remarkable Zeeland. Immerse yourself in the local seafood culture and get your fingers ready to taste the locally harvested mussels, the Oosterschelde lobster or the revered oysters. Explore the oyster pits on a boat excursion in local waters and sense the strong bond with the sea of the locals. If that’s too much of an adventure, then stretch your legs on a leisurely walk around the village and visit the Oosterschelde Museum, housed in the old town hall.






Have you ever seen 7 million flower bulbs in one day? I bet you didn’t!  The beautiful park Keukenhof is one of the world’s largest flower gardens and offers gorgeous views of blooming Dutch tulips and a great variety of other unique flowers.  This famous collection is situated in South Holland and is best admired in the spring months when this garden opens its doors. 





Kinderdijk is a tiny village in South Holland and is home to the iconic 18th-century windmills. The mills represent another great example of how the Dutch have found a way to live, literally, in water. They ensure that the people can keep their feet dry by draining the soggy polders surrounding the area which, for the most part, lies below sea-level.  







Zierikzee is a town in Zeeland. This small city has a glorious past and more than 500 monuments to visit. Apart from its historic beauty it also offers a great selection of shopping and dining opportunities. Unwind in the gentle summer breeze on one of the many terraces of the Havenplein, walk along the charming village streets or take in the spectacular views from a boat. Zierikzee has it all!


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