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Brewery tours


We are excited to offer a unique opportunity to discover the tasty world of Belgian beers!


Celebrate this rich tradition of beer-making and enjoy the sensation of craft beer. Belgium is considered the greatest beer brewing nation in the world due to its endless selection of beers and over 800 years of brewing experience. With over 1600 brewed varieties there’s enough to taste for every day of the rest of your life. So be prepared to challenge your taste buds and don’t worry, we also have something for the eyes to see!


We will take you on a journey through the glowing landscapes of West and East Flanders, hopping from the brewery to the monastery, where you can taste delicious beers made from local ingredients and immerse yourself into the ancestral home of the Trappist. Learn about the centuries-old traditions of beer-craft or have a look around the monasteries where they are made. And while you’re at it, we also offer guided tours of the breweries. 


Oh, and did we mention the exquisite selection of cheese that goes along with some of the delightful Trappists?


You can either choose from our prepared suggestions or configure a route yourself, tailored to your wishes, time constraints and cultural preferences. Don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s something you’d love to explore that is not offered on our website! Here are some of the breweries we can visit:  St. Bernardus, St. Sixtus (the world-famous Westvleteren), Kazematten, De Struise Brouwers, and many more.






The Westhoek (Dutch for West corner) or Maritime Flanders is a nature reserve near the French border. It is best known for its World War One heritage and its dunes. The massive battles of the region have left their mark with several memorials and museums to remind us of its tumultuous past. Exploring is easiest by bike or scooter as the landscapes are mostly flat and you wouldn't want to miss the various local refreshments along the way. The world’s best breweries and beers are located in this region, as well as a wide selection of delicious local wines. There’s something to do or to taste for everyone and the authentic customs and regional products will make you yearn for more!


Water enthusiasts are invited on the Yser canals to see, feel and experience life along the water aboard a boat. The many connected rivers, canals and lakes make the Westhoek ideal for boating - be it by yourself or on a guided excursion.  Endless views, soft glowing hills and a breathtaking silence will make you want to stay! 








Ypres was once a bustling medieval trading centre for wool and cloth. Today, it boasts of beautifully reconstructed architecture and stands as one of the most important symbols for its troubled past. No less than five of the bloodiest battles were fought here during the First World War, which shattered most of its beautiful heritage. The city got rebuilt as closely as possible to the original and with several museums and historic sights to explore. One of them is The Flanders Fields Museum, located in the reconstructed cloth hall, which tells the story of the past. Another highlight is the Menin Gate Memorial to the missing, recommended to visit around 8 pm when the buglers sound the Last Post under the Menin Gate—a tradition that has been kept alive for every evening since 1928.  Ypres’s cobbled market square is one of the most picturesque ones in the country with lots of shops and restaurants to discover. Exploring the rest of the city is best started from the historic ramparts with a beautiful view of the river Ypres. A big variety of local breweries offers liquid delights for the beer lovers amongst us. For those with more time on their hands, the surrounding areas provide many more fascinating sights, such as memorials, battlefields and cultural activities, which are best explored by bike. 





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