Comfort passenger transport

Professional and discreet comfort passenger transport

Experience comfortable efficiency

Luxurious and comfortable passenger transport

Getting around by car can be very stressful: manoeuvring in peak traffic, the time wasted, looking for parking. With Comfort Voyage Services, we want to offer you the opportunity to transport yourself to your event or activity without any worries – in a pleasant, luxuriously equipped car – … On time, discreet and specially adapted to your needs for the trip.


Relax on your way to your destination

Everyone needs to relax, but few have the time. Imagine you can relax completely while travelling to an appointment or event. Step into a luxurious car, fully equipped and adapted to your need for relaxation, driven by a professional chauffeur who will bring you at your destination, discreet and on time.


Or work focused while driving

Have yourself and your team picked up in a car by one of our professional chauffeurs – fully modular and with all the luxurious facilities – in which you can work undisturbed and/or have meetings on the way to a business event or conference. Luxurious efficiency that allows you to maximize your precious time.

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  • Wifi
  • 15" and 10" TV screens
  • connections to charge smartphone/PC
  • coffee
  • daily newspaper, magazines
  • in car entertainment: tv, video, music
  • chilled (bottled) water
  • blankets, neck support
  • umbrella, protective rain clothing
Please contact us for more information about our vehicles, our facilities and how we can be of service.
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